What the heck is Player 1 Project?

I’m a long-time video game collector who had an epiphany that I, like most collectors, have recently focused solely on collecting the items and forgotten why I’m collecting the items in the first place. Its time for me to get back to actually playing the games I’m collecting. Video games are a huge part of my past, a bigger part of our culture than some care to admit, and are undeniably their own medium of art. This blog will be all about reminding us long-time gamers why we’ve grown to love video games so much over the years.

Player 1 Project is my personal journey through the history of gaming. One gaming system at a time, starting with the Atari and moving forward through video game console and handheld history, I will replay systems and games that most of us haven’t touched in several years. While doing so I will do my best to put in words the nostalgia I feel, while also giving you a brief history lesson on the console and games. When covering each console I will be playing three games. The first will be a game that I have never played. The second will be a game that you, the reader, will vote on using a list of all the games I’ve currently collected for that specific console. The third will be one of my favorite all-time games for that system. I will write brief reviews on all three games, telling you how they hold up today, how they were for their time period and what they may have inspired in some current generation games.

You can get involved by keeping up with the blog posts and especially by submitting your vote on which game I should play for upcoming system reviews. Before I start on a new system I will post my list of collected games for it. You can cast your vote for which game I should play by using the straw poll link included with the list of games or by commenting on the post that lists the games.