REVIEW: Game Boy / Color


Man the original Game Boy is not visually appealing in the slightest. It’s a heavy gray block of plastic. The screen is very hard to see, requiring perfect lighting to really see the game very well. Neither graphics nor sound are great. I’ll be honest, after playing Super Mario Land 2 for a couple hours I gave up and finished it on the GBC. My eyes and brain had been strained enough using this outdated system.

One interesting and positive thing I noticed is that I never had any issues with cartridges being read on either Game Boy system. We’ve been talking of how the NES, SNES and Genesis can be a huge pain game-boy-screenshotwhen it comes to reading games but I’ve never found any of Nintendo’s handheld cartridges to have the same issue. Also we have to put into perspective Nintendo’s design choice for the Game Boy. While currently I find the system to be bulky and cumbersome, it was the smallest and lightest handheld console of its time. The developers stressed portability over graphics and screen size. Its design is not bad, it just seems so compared to the progression developers have made in the last 20 some years. Speaking ill of this bulky monstrosity with a nearly unreadable screen is the gaming equivalent of looking at cave paintings and making fun of how inferior they are to modern art. The artist did a great job with the tools they had available to them at the time. Despite all this it is still a fun and important system in gaming history, the true grandfather of handhelds.

The Game Boy Color is a huge step up in all departments. It was easier to see, added color to the originalfile.php games and is smaller and lighter than its predecessor. The addition of color isn’t all that sets it apart, it is overall a higher resolution. The sound also is a bit cleaner. I also found it more comfortable to use and more convenient to travel with than the original. I enjoyed using it to go back through these classic games. I recommend collecting for both systems IF you’re going to collect for handhelds. If you’re just interested in collecting the five or six most important consoles in history then the Game Boy is definitely skippable.



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