REVIEW: Sega Game Gear


The Game Gear, while big and bulky, is aesthetically pleasing because the colored Start button and the logo look good against the black on black console. Games are decent visually. They have a wide palette of colors but aren’t too defined and are limited by the dark screen and its poor resolution.  Game Gear’s sound is even worse, coming off a bit cloudy and muffled, even with headphones. The gamegear_sonic2system is also a battery hog, requiring 6 AA’s, which it drains in just a few hours.

On the positive side I do like the pad and buttons which click well and are responsive. I also like the shape of the system, it feels comfortable in your hands. The console may be big, but it doesn’t feel very heavy. Game Gear’s carts had no problems booting up for me. The option to play Genesis games through the adapter is the best thing about the system and expands the library significantly. Speaking of library, the Game Gear has a decent one, most of the games being first party Sega games. Tails Adventures, Castle of Illusion, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Triple Trouble, Columns, and Prince of Persia are some of the must-owns. All in all it is a decent system. I definitely prefer the Game Boy Color, but the Game Gear was definitely a huge step up technically over the original Game Boy. If you don’t collect many handhelds then the Game Gear is certainly passable.


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