REVIEW: Tails Adventure

Personal Favorite: TAILS ADVENTURE

We will be doing Game Gear a bit different. Since I have a small Game Gear library and there are also a limited number of decent games for the system I have chosen three of the better and more popular titles to review.

In 1995 Sega published Tails Adventure, which was developed by Aspect (who developed all 133px-Tails_adventureSonic games up until then). Although its a 2D sidescroller, unlike most Sonic games Tails Adventure features Tails as the only playable character. It also has nothing to do with the main plot-line of Sonic games. Tails is working to save his island from a group of evil birds, the Battle Kukku Army. Tails Adventure had positive reviews and decent sales but spawned no direct sequels.

The artwork is cartoony and Tails looks really goofy, I expect nothing less from a game featuring one of the most made-fun-of video game characters ever. The game’s graphics are also cartoony. Tails Adventure doesn’t have many tracks but the music it does have is solid. There is a decent amount of personality in the enemies and Tails. Like how when Tails walks there’s a strut in his step and how he makes a tired, panting expression when he’s been hovering too long. Enemy birds make a squawk when damaged and scurry away with a humorous, shocked expression.

Tails Adventure has quite unique gameplay for a Sonic themed game, unlike any other entries in the series. Tails doesn’t speed through levels. He walks methodically through, using bombs and other tools to defeat enemies and to progress through levels.

Tools are earned at the end of levels or through exploration and include a wide variety of items like bombs, an RC robot and missiles. This system of progression is reminiscent of other games of the time period like the Metroid or Zelda games. The health system is very different too. You don’t lose all of your rings when hit, only a set amount (usually 1 or 5 dependent upon what hit you). They’re also harder to come by than typical Sonic games which again leads to slower and methodical play.

I enjoy the change of pace and overall find the game to be really fun. It could use a wider variety of regular enemies and an injection of mini-bosses, but overall its a fun plat-former and a must own for the Game Gear. You won’t find another Sonic universe game quite like this so if you own a Game Gear, Tails Adventure is worth adding to your collection.



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