REVIEW: Sonic Triple Trouble


Like Tails Adventure, Triple Trouble was published by Sega and developed by Aspect. It launched in 1994 to decent reviews and good sales. Gameplay of Triple Trouble is very similar to the Genesis series of Sonic platformers and that was the biggest gripe reviewers had about it. It was re-released on the 3DS eShop but has had no direct sequels.

I’m really digging the art for Triple Trouble because it showcases my favorite level and also shows Nack the Weasel who made his debut in this game. The graphics of Triple Trouble are on par with the other two games I reviewed. It looks great for an 8-bit game and has great sprites. Where I find it better than the other two games is in the soundtrack. Triple Trouble probably has the best soundtrack on the entire system and I expect nothing less from a game with “Sonic” in the title.

I had the same two issues with Triple Trouble that other reviewers had: it has nothing unique about its gameplay compared to the Genesis games and the game just is overall too easy. A lot of it can be sped through with little to no need to dodge or destroy any enemies. Sonic games can be forgiven for this if they have tough and interesting boss battles but Triple Trouble does not succeed there either. Don’t get me wrong, Triple Trouble has its moments. The snowboard zone is the best and only change of pace.

The addition of Nack was mildly interesting. But all in all it just feels like Triple Trouble needs another one or two small thing(s) here or there to ascend it into a truly fantastic game. A unique gameplay mechanic or a couple more unique zones woulda helped it hit that mark. Regardless I still very much enjoyed Triple Trouble and recommend it to Game Gear collectors, as it is an original Sonic game and not a direct port. Pick it up if you get a chance.



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