REVIEW: Twisted Metal 2

Personal Favorite: TWISTED METAL 2

The Twisted Metal series is produced by David Jaffe and his tm2dev team at Sony Interactive Studios America. In 1996 Twisted Metal 2 released for the PlayStation and PC. Like the original game, Twisted Metal 2 has the player controlling their choice of unique futuristic vehicles and competing in a barbaric Demolition Derby style death match, complete with various power-ups and weapons. Twisted Metal 2 and Twisted Metal Black received the highest reviews out of any of the long running signature Sony IP that has spawned a total of 8 games over 20 years.

Twisted Metal 2‘s cover art shows you all you need to see to know what you’re getting from a Twisted Metal game: Crazy characters trying to kill each other in bizarre vehicles you could only dream up in some strange Mad Max-esque fantasy. I mean seriously where else are you gonna control a man attached tm gifto two giant wheels and fire machine guns at a demented ice cream truck? There’s one other thing on the cover to note that shows you a feature of Twisted Metal 2: the Eiffel Tower in the background. This game has you battling it out in notable cities around the globe, adding an extra layer of fun to the mayhem. You have your choice of characters, who each have their own bizarre vehicle and unique attack power-up. That power-up is used to help destroy the other combatants along with the standard machine guns that come equipped on every vehicle. Power-ups vary wildly like the bulldozer’s ability to pick up and smash opponents, to the cop car’s siren electric shock area-of-effect attack, to the tank’s homing missiles. Its this combination of unique attackers and the small arena you have to fight in that keep’s Twisted Metal 2‘s action fast and fun. Think of Twisted Metal 2 as a grown up version of Mario Kart’s Balloon Mode, but with unique attacks and an extra injection of personality. There is no story nor need for one. Just pick your wacko, grab your power-ups and destroy some fools.

This game is no less fun now than it was when Levi and I played it 15 years ago. The controls, sound and even graphics hold up well enough that they do not detract away from the fun of Twisted Metal 2. In my opinion the game is a must-own for PlayStation collectors, particularly those who have someone to play multiplayer with.



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