REVIEW: Nintendo 64


The N64 console is pretty cool looking, especially if you have one of the funky neon colors the system comes in. The graphics don’t hold up well at all with time, but that was also the case when I replayed the Saturn and PlayStation. Of the three I think the N64 holds up the best graphically out of all of them, with its slightly better looking polygons and in general, better use of color. The sound was on par with the other two consoles, with none of the three really being a standout. The best thing the N64 had going for it was its library, primarily its killer line up of first party gems including Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64, two games that will be recognized as great titles forever, with the former frequently voted as the best game in history.

As fun to replay as the N64 is, it definitely had some drawbacks. We have the cartridges first and foremost. Luckily this is the last console that will require me having to clean and continually retry games n64 controllernumerous times before they read. Personally my biggest beef with the N64 is and was always the controller. I think its easily the most overrated video game controller of all-time. I just don’t like the design, especially its control stick. If you hold the middle grip you have no natural access to the left shoulder button. If you try to hold it using the two outer grips you can’t use the control stick accurately or comfortably because of how wide the controller is. The control stick itself is garbage as its grip on top wears away easily over time and the stick inevitably gets loose and nigh unusable after moderate use. On top of that I’ve had two of my four controllers have problems with the A and B buttons getting stuck inside the controller and thus not be able to be depressed.

Overall the Nintendo 64 was a good system. The nostalgia factor and large library of great games help me overlook the poor design and craftsmanship of the controller. Nostalgia will make several people tell you its their favorite system ever. But I bet if most of them actually went back and played it now they would find themselves puzzled at how they ever suffered through such poor controls.



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