REVIEW: Sega Dreamcast


The Dreamcast is one of the most aesthetically appealing consoles to me. The pure white design with the primary colored buttons, the wide variety of shapes and the very cool looking controller are the total package. When playing these games I found the system’s performance to be strong also. Sound was clear, colors vibrant and graphics a small step above the N64’s. It did however run a tad bit loudly compared to all other consoles I’ve reviewed so far.

What I loved most about the Dreamcast is definitely its controller. The analog stick is one of the most comfortable and responsive I’ve ever used. It is really light for a controller of its size. I dc contalso really like the feel and responsiveness of its triggers. The GD-Roms had no trouble with reading or freezing. I also enjoyed every game I played of its limited library. This is actually a very good, very enjoyable console. Its a shame that the PS2 put it in an early grave and thus it didn’t have time to flourish. We could’ve had even more cool and creative console games like Chu Chu Rocket, Mr. Driller, Shenmue and Crazy Taxi were.



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