REVIEW: Sony PlayStation 2


What the PS2 lacked in visual appeal it made up for in performance. The system runs exceptionally well for something that was built in 2000, with little disc motor noise and not much stuttering. Slightly scratched games may take a moment to load here or there but games in proper shape run silky smooth. The PS2 is a step above its predecessor and its first competition (the Dreamcast) in all departments. Sound and graphics resolution are as good or better than pretty much all of its competition in the sixth generation. Textures can be a bit blocky at times but that’s usually PlayStation-2-Controller-5more the fault of the particular game than the system itself.

Sony had success with the PS1’s DualShock controller design so with the PS2 they figured, if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. The DualShock 2 is almost identical but added a couple small tweaks: a bit more stiffness to the analog sticks and a slightly lighter frame. It performs spectacularly and holds up well performance wise with time (unlike those pesky N64 or XBox 360 controllers). As mentioned in my history post on the PS2, it has a very impressive library of games, filled with great franchise after franchise. Every kind of genre is represented well, but the PS2 was particularly spectacular with JRPGs and Action Platformers.

With all of these great things I’ve had to say about the system there is one core reason why I think the PS2 became the best selling console in history. It was the first to truly be a Home Entertainment console in all senses of the phrase. Never before could a gaming console play high quality music, movies and games in one small and relatively cheap package. After the PS2 this thought of a gaming console being a complete home entertainment system went from pipe-dream to these days basically being expected from the consumer. In fact when a console doesn’t have modern movie or music functionality it suffers greatly for it in reviews (Wii I’m looking at you) and/or sales (Wii U, where’s the Blu Ray at bro?). It was genius of Sony to go the extra steps in hardware and cost to get DVD technology, which at that time was new and expensive. They would later make a similar great decision with the PS3 and making it Blu-Ray compatible. Overall there is no reason why any self-respecting video game collector would not own a PS2. Its performance, importance in history and low price make it a no-brainer.



One thought on “REVIEW: Sony PlayStation 2

  1. Completely agree with the conclusion. 🙂 The PS2 should be in every collection. I still have one hooked up in the living room and it’s a lot of fun even today. Some people also say it’s the best DVD-player ever.. scratched discs not working on regular players sometimes work on the PS2!


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