REVIEW: Nintendo Game Boy Advance


The Game Boy Advance was and still is technically and aesthetically impressive, even without considering it came out in 2001. It was worlds ahead of its predecessor and ahead of Sega’s best effort: the Game Gear. Nintendo managed to simultaneously make the system lighter than the Game Boy Color while still improving performance with a 32bit processor and bigger screen. Graphics, sound, button layout, button responsiveness, battery life…the GBA performs in all areas. On top of that it had a great library which let us replay many SNES and NES hits on the go, while still sporting many new gems like Advance Wars, Golden Sun, TLOZ: The Minish Cap and many more.

The only complaint I could possibly make about the original GBA model is that it suffers from not having a back-lit screen. In some lighting it is nigh impossible to see what’s on your screen. But this was a problem that every electronic device 15 years ago suffered from, so its pretty forgivable. Nintendo fixed that issue with the newer model GBA SP, gbaspwhich had a square shape layout instead, and folded into a flip up style which was gaining popularity at the time (am I the only one who remembers how popular the Motorola Razor phone was?). The screen looked beautiful with its built in lighting that could be turned on and off at your whim if you wanted to preserve battery life. Speaking of which, the SP had a rechargeable battery. No longer did you have to keep dishing out cash for AAs, just charge the SP for a couple hours and its good for quite a long time. Nintendo also cranked out a third GBA model, named the Game Boy Micro, which I cannot comment on since I’ve never played it and don’t yet own it.

Overall the GBA is absolutely amazing, with excellent performance, an even better performing SP model and one of the best game libraries ever.



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