REVIEW: Microsoft XBox


After all these hours now playing the Xbox over the last month, this review will end up being mixed. While I’ve had tons of fun playing the console, there are plenty of things I could harp on that are kinda easy to ignore when you’re in the middle of enjoying a game, but kinda hard to ignore when you’re sitting here trying to fully assess it. Take the noise for instance. The XBox at times sounds like an aircraft carrier, loud enough where its xbx controllerdefinitely distracting. Occasionally there were times where I’m really trying to hear something important in a game and the console is too loud, but the majority of the time its not loud enough to bother me much. When I’m in the middle of an intense stealth moment in Chronicles of Riddick or trying to hear a dialogue exchange in Knights of the Old Republic, the XBox is loud enough to annoy me and pull me out of the experience. The XBox also has to be the heaviest console of all-time, it feels like almost twice the weight of most other consoles I’ve reviewed so far. On top of that it is too big, taking up tons of shelf space. I also am not a fan of the white and black buttons due to their tiny size and them being nearly flush with the controller surface. This makes them really difficult to press when you need to hit them quickly. Its not very noticeable though because most games I played didn’t use them at all.

On the positive side the system is pretty powerful for its era. It was certainly the most technically impressive of the PS2/XBX/CUBE generation. The controller overall is fine, with a nice layout and ergonomic feel that would continue to be improved upon by Microsoft with each subsequent XBox model. I really like the black on black design choice of the console and controllers, the lime green power light and logo contrasts very well with it. While the XBox does share most of its best games with the PS2, let’s not forget there were several fantastic XBox exclusives: Halo, Halo 2, Knights of the Old Republic, Fable, Ninja Gaiden Black, Project Gotham Racing, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Jade Empire and more. The XBox also is easily moddable to have games from all platforms, adding to its resale value and replay-ability.

Overall I did enjoy my time with XBox and would recommend it, especially if you can get your hands on a modded one. If you can get past the noise its a great system.



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